THIS IS A BIG ONE. A highly illustrated, in-depth look at the entire creative process of a real-world project for a large client. I’ll show you the dirty guts of visual storytelling, branding, design, you name it, all while putting together a rad standalone piece that you can tear apart like the animal you are.

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“Even after spending $80k on a graduate degree, I felt like I was missing a huge, foundational chunk of my education.
For me, Snapdragon is that chunk.”
JUSTIN CONE // Motionographer


“I’m serious when I say that I’ve gotten more out of this video series than I ever did out of art school.”



“An incredible approach to teaching something that isn’t easy to teach. Well worth the money and tons of things to re-watch when you’re stuck on a job and need some inspiration.”
JEFF BRIANT // Jeffbriant.net


“I HIGHLY recommend Division05’s new 006: Snapdragon series, so worth it!”



“Definitely worth it! Tons of great tidbits of info and truths that any motion graphics designer could learn from.”



“Just watched all 3 hours and 11 minutes. Couldn’t take my eyes off it. Stella work, great skills and awesome style! Love it.”


“Carey has figured out a way to take a topic that doesn’t fit neatly into the “tutorial” format and made it digestible and REALLY fun to watch. Dude’s got a gift… I’m taking notes!”
JOEY KORENMAN // School of Motion


“Finished all of Snapdragon, and it’s cemented my opinion that this should be mandatory viewing for anyone involved in motion design.”

MARC ZWANEVELD // Mograph.net


“This has to be one of the best thought out process videos I have seen! Go buy this and learn something new!”



“Division05’s latest series is up, and is almost definitely worth a blind buy for motion designers.”



“Thanks to the awesome SnapDragon project I have just been binge watching Division05’s videos. Can’t get enough care bears!!!”